President Xie Yi visits employees on May Day May day Labor day, a tribute to each worker!


The workshops are full steam ahead with production, while steels and tower cranes presenting a picture of project under construction. May Day is still a busy day at Tongwei solar. During the holiday, 4500 employees in Hefei and Chengdu are still working in the front line, spending another short holiday at work. Sweats from hard work present the beauty of the labourers. The spirit of model workers and craftsmen is fulfilled with credible practices, further promoting the steady development of TW solar.A tribute to every worker: Everybody’s worked hard!

Early in the moring of May 1st, Xie Yi, president of Tongwei solar, went to Chengdu base, on behalf of Mr. Liu Hanyuan, standing committee member of the CPPCC, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman  of Tongwei group to visit front-line staff members on the May Day holiday. Festival greetings are sincerely sent to hard working employees, project construction constructors, and employees on duty at Tongyu Property: Happy Labor Day!

Mr. Xie went to the construction site, factory central control room, production workshop and office area of the administrative building.Everywhere he went, he inquired in detail about work situation of the staff,  arrangement of duty on holiday, and work meals during holiday.Mr. Xie thanked them for their hard work and their family's understanding. At the same time, he insisted that the work of safety must be attached great importance to and all potential safety hazard must be eliminated.


President Xie Yi inquired in detail about energy saving and consumption reduction in the workshop at the central control room

At the site of phase III and the construction site of the office building, President Xie checked the project progress, and got in-depth knowledge of the rectification of concrete and steel at the construction site of the A1 production workshop.He reminded from time to time the constructing  workers to to pay attention to safety. Xie also carefully inquired about the progress, construction, and management of the first phase project in Anhui. He stressed that the ongoing  projects in both Chengdu and Hefei are hard missions with tight schedule. Everyone has worked hard!  Although pressed with time, construction safety and construction quality should be put in the first place. The slightest slackness and negligence should not be made. It is necessary to strengthen safety management and quality control of the construction site. 


President Xie checked project progress of the office building area

Subsequently, Xie also went to the staff dining room and the preparation room to examine hygienic conditions of food and beverage. He asked about food supply and quality of dishes during the holiday.

Who is the "most beautiful craftsman" in the heart of labourers?

For all the advancement of science and technology development, craftsmanship spirit of pursuing perfection and excellence will never fall behind. 

On the occasion of the May Day International Labor Day, in order to vigorously uphold Tongwei craftsman’s characters of excellence in the new era, and inspire work enthusiasm and creativity of frontline employees, during the holiday, Tongwei Solar specially held the first "most beautiful craftsman" selection event for more than 4,300 front-line employees in Hefei and Chengdu.Filling in the votes, the employees selected the "most beautiful craftsmen" in their heart!


 P1 workshop voting spot at Hefei base

Early in the morning on May, 1, workers in the production workshops in Hefei and Chengdu came to the polling sites of the factory area, and stood in lines to put their valuable ballots into the ballot box.


voting spot of the plant office at Chengdu base

The "most beautiful craftsman" selection is fully oriented to the front-line staff. Vote counting started from the very day of the activity. Eventually 10 "most beautiful craftsmen" will be selected from systems and departments from Hefei and Chengdu bases. The awarding ceremony will be held on the May,4, the Youth Day.

  Ode to the Labourers  

Xu Guang is a senior engineer of the equipment department of Cell Plant 2 at Hefei base. From the first day at work in 2013, Xu Guang has been dealing with equipment on production lines  each and every day. It is common for him to solve all kinds of problems “in” the equipment, and his "unkempt" image is always seen..

"I have been dealing with these “old guys” for five years. My job is to ensure that they are always running efficiently. It is normal to work all night long and work overtime." Xu Guang said that the work was very hard, but sense of pride and honor arises spontaneously watching cells continuously produced from the production line.

The May Day holiday of this year, Xu Guang and his team still had to do equipment maintenance during the production line shifts, which is the only time out for production, but the busiest time for Xu Guang. 

Although he is currently only responsible for the maintenance of equipment in one process section, he hopes to bring his strength to the extreme, solve more problems in less time, and do his little bit to help improving production indicators.


Xu Guang, senior engineer at the equipment department,  was testing the equipment

Although it was the May Day holiday, thumping vibrating machines and busy workers are seen everywhere at the

the construction site of the phase III project at Chengdu base.Such a scene is quite common for Wang Gang, senior engineer from the plant business department, who has been involved in phase I and phase II projects of Chengdu base.

"The project is big with tight schedule. Every day, we  have to set our heart to effect an upswing in project progress and quality." As an engineer, Wang Gang has long been used to holding fast to his position.

Steel structure installation, fire pool floor construction and pouring, pipe gallery foundation construction... During the May Day holiday, Wang Gang will stay at the post with more than 300 construction workers at the site to ensure that the project is pushed forward on schedule.


Wang Gang, senior engineer of the plant business department, was checking construction process.

At present, phase III project at A1 production workshop have been completed 95% for foundation works, and the B2 power workshop foundation works have been completed. It is expected that the main building will be roofed at the end of May.

At the Hefei base 1500 kilometers away, the construction site of Anhui phase I project is rolling full stream. As of the end of April, 90% of the S1 main plant foundation project will be completed. The main body of the plant is expected to be roofed in late June.


workers at the site of ongoing project

Safety alarm bell is always ringing

On the eve of the holiday, in order to ensure safe and stable operation of the company during holiday, Hefei and Chengdu launched a pre - holiday safety check. The inspection team, composed of two departments from the two places, went into two key areas of production workshops, material storage areas, special gas rooms and construction site of new projects.The team  carried out a comprehensive inspection on chemical safety, special gas safety, and safety protection facilities, in order to ensure safe and highly efficient production of the two places during the holiday period.


Safety inspectors were using infrared thermal imagers to test the device temperature at Chengdu base.

In addition, during the period of the May Day holiday, the canteen of the two companies also specially prepared exquisite festival dishes and special food benefits for the employees to make them feel the happiness of the festival and care from the company while working hard.

During the May Day holiday, the construction sites of workshops and projects in Hefei and Chengdu are in good order. With diligence and dedication,TW staff ensures continuous, orderly and efficient promotion of all working aspects of the project production with their skills and hard work.

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