TWS holds 4th basket ball game


In order to enrich the staff's amateur and cultural life and prepare for the arrival of the "May Day" labor day, the fourth basketball game of Tongwei solar was held in Chengdu and Hefei before the holiday. As one of the most popular corporate culture activities, the basketball match has attracted great attention since its signing up. Employees from both companies made active participation.


game opening at Chengdu base


game opening at Hefei base

During the four days of intense competition, representative teams of Chengdu company's plant affairs, security and environment department, and functional department, stood out from 8 teams and got into the final. The players played with all their strengths in an anxious atmosphere. Both sides tried to take full advantage of the other side's mistakes. The score seesawed with intensity of the game.

At the end of the fourth quarter, the score was 38:38. The team of plant affairs, and security and environment department successfully dragged the game into overtime. In overtime, the team of factory affairs, and security and environment department fought bravely with iron will.The team of functional department chased closely, and lost their chance. The score stood at 44:43 with a second left in the game. FFASE team won a narrow victory over FD, and got the first place of TWS Chengdu. FD team won the second place.The team of cell plant 3 won the third.


fierce confrontation at the final

During preliminaries, semifinals, and finals,the players show a different presence with commands and exchanges of tacit understanding.  The excitement and passion of game gripped the hearts and glutted the eyes with wonderful steals and accurate shots.


competition at Hefei base

April 26, the six teams of Hefei company had their first confrontation in the scorching sun, which was equally intense. By April 28, cell plant 1, cell plant 2and , factory affairs department representative teams had 1 win respectively.The final will be held on May 8.Will cell plant 2 defend their championship for the fourth time, or other teams will end their monopoly? We will wait and see!


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