TWS works together with Samsung SDI to hold seminar

2018-08-28 source:tongwei   author:Jiang Jinzhong

 April 25, Tongwei solar held a themed seminar with Samsung SDI. The R & D Senior President of Samsung SDI Dr. Li Zhenxu, Samsung’s team of R&D , technology, and business experts, as well as executives of Tongwei solar Hefei attended the seminar.


at the seminar 

At the seminar, Samsung SDI business personnel introduced the energy business scope of Samsung Electronics Materials Department, the evolution of slurry products and its general market application, Then the experts of R&D and technology held extensive and in-depth discussions on the development trend of segment market,technical route of photovoltaic cells, and the R&D system and product process matching of high efficiency new type slurry, with  more than thirty staff members from Tongwei solar’s production system, technology R&D system, marketing, market, finance, and procurement departments.

At the meeting, Xie Taihong, general manager of Tongwei solar Hefei company, warmly welcomed the arrival of Dr. Li Zhenxu's delegation and made detailed introduction to the production and operation of Tongwei solar and its future development plan. According to Xie, the long and smooth cooperation process under the current PV market will definitely promote the cooperation between the two sides in depth and scope. It is expected that the two sides would take this seminar as an opportunity to continue to make exchanges, realize complementary advantages of resources, and achieve win-win and common development on the basis of high efficiency new product promotion and application.

Subsequently, Dr. Li Zhenxu and entourages visited the P5 high efficiency silicon cell production workshop and the company's exhibition hall. They got a comprehensive understanding about Tongwei solar’s production process, and workshop operation, as well as  Tongwei Group’s development process, capacity scale, production, operation and future planning of the company.


group photo 

Dr. Li Zhenxu expressed sincere thanks to Mr. Xie’s warm reception, and gave high credit to Tongwei’s rich and pragmatic corporate culture,  precise layout along the industrial chain, fast and steady development speed and scientific and rational management concept. According to him, Samsung SDI will support Tongwei solar’s layout in the photovoltaic market, and will provide a full range of product service system.Samsung will draw a good blueprint of photovoltaic together with Tongwei solar.The sincere cooperation between the two sides will become a model for Sino Korean corporate co-operations.

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