Sichuan Energy Bureau officials visit TWS Chengdu


March 9, Deng Chao, deputy director and Party branch secretaryof Sichuan Energy Bureau,Xing Shaokun, deputy director of the new energydepartment of  Provincial EnergyBureau,and deputy director Zhou Jianxin paid a visit to Tongwei solar Chengdu,and received warm welcome from the executives of Tongwei solar Chengdu.


Deputy director Deng carefully listened to the introductionof the smart screen

Deputy director Deng first went to the reception hallof the S2 cell production workshop. After detailed introduction by thecompany's top management, Mr.  Deng learnedthe size of the company's capacity, development status, leadership care,qualifications& honors, and future planning. Subsequently, deputy directorDeng and his delegation visited the workshop to understand the real-timeoperation of "intelligent factory" and "unmanned workshop".

In the course of the visit, the company's topmanagement  answered doubts from theguests about the production line, and further introduced the development planof Tongwei solar in "intelligent manufacturing".

During the exchange, deputy director Deng praised TWSfor its rapid development in recent years. At the same time, he gave highcredit to the highly intelligent, automated production equipment, and youngenergetic staff of the company. He said, intelligence and clean energy are theinevitable trend of future energy development.

He hoped that TWS would continue to strengthen corecompetitiveness in the wave of intense competition in  photovoltaic development, and boost localeconomy and China's photovoltaic industry development.


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