PVS holds meeting on team building

2018-08-28 source:Tongwei   author:Zhai Meng

Recently,the photovoltaic school of Tongwei University held a periodical report-back meeting on“lean working team building" project at Tongwei solar Hefei. Xie Taihong, general manager of Tongwei solar Hefei  and  middle level executives of the production system attended the meeting.

periodical report-back meeting on“lean working team building" project 

Before the meeting, lean experts set up a two-day special training for the middle-level managers and group leaders of the production system. The courses include vision leadership, trust communication, morale promotion, and action workshop.The purpose is to  ensure unified thinking and action at all levels of the leadership so that the project can be steadily promoted. 

In the meeting, the experts analyzed the reasons for problems through field interviews at workshops and   resignation telephone interviews. Training plans and arrangements were expounded from four dimensions of mental outlook, rules and regulations, work coordination and work quality. Mr. Xie gave acknowledgement to the report of lean experts, and asked the staff to rethink on their working methods. While solving problems, they shall improve their management level and continuous learning capability, and adhere to the working attitude of "making 1% progress every day".

Half of the project has been carried out.Lean experts put forward corresponding action and study suggestions according to the actual work problems encountered by production departments.The production departments actively cooperate with lean experts for improvement and optimization. Subsequently, the lean experts will regularly come to Hefei company for trainings and guidance, so as to constantly improve staff morale, and lay a solid foundation for primary level management.

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