TWS Hefei won harmonious labor relations award

2018-08-28 source:tongwei   author:Zhai Meng

In order to promote the overall management level of the company and promote  talent attraction in the park, Hefei High-tech Zone held the 2018 economic work conference. At the conference, Tongwei solar Hefei was awarded the honorary title of "2017 demonstration enterprise of harmonious labor relations " in Hefei Hi-tech Zone.


"demonstration enterprise of harmonious labor relations " certificate

Since its inception, Tongwei Solar Hefei has adhered to its corporate mission of "honesty, trust, fairness, and excellence", and constantly consolidated the management level of employees within the enterprise. The company set up a feedback platform for opinions, actively listening to the voices of employees,  promptly addressing complaints of employees,  creating an atmosphere of fairness and justice for enterprise management.

At the same time, the company also actively participates in various training lectures held in the igh tech zone, constantly strengthens staff training, improves working environment of employees and builds a good employer-employee relation.

This award is a high recognition of the company’s harmonious and stable labor relation by Hefei high tech zone. It also will encourage the company to continuously improve the internal management level, establish a good atmosphere of labor relations, and establish the company's image of advanced model enterprise in Hefei.

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