PVS updates 2018 new staff training

2018-08-28 source:Tongwei   author:Lei Sisi

March, 8 - 9,2018, the photovoltaic school of Tongwei University organized a new training course for new employees. A total of 8 trainers from various departments gave lessons to 110 new employees. The training content included not only traditional production safety, corporate culture, and corporate system, but also the newly added military training and inter class outward bond, according to the adjustment of personnel structure and the needs of the company's development. 

military training

The two-day training mainly included "corporate culture and human resource rules and regulations analysis", "(EHS) level 1 safety education knowledge training and assessment", "staff quality awareness training and assessment", "production operation process explanation", "staff behavior standard and administrative management system analysis", military training, and a visit to the S2 workshop. The effect of the first day military training was notably received.

Led by Li Jun, general manager assistant of Tongyu property, the new recruits started their first day at Tongwei solar, standing in a vigorous and orderly queue. Under the instructor's instructions, each team completed a series of queue movements of regular team, stop transfer method, march and running, and got unanimous praise of the instructors by neat square,vigorous pace, loud slogan, positive attitude and full spirit.

The military training activity not only improved the staff's team consciousness, but also deepened the new employees' understanding of Tongwei solar’s corporate culture. It improved the staff's comprehensive quality, high quality service and standardized management level by military management.The new employees said, the military training made us understand that we should not only have strict disciplines in a team , but also strong team awareness. In the future, we will devote ourselves to work in full spirit and contribute to the high speed development of the company.

It is reported that in 2018, on the basis of the traditional training programs for new employees, the photovoltaic school not only added learning projects of military training, production process interpretation, but also extended the staff's attention period to 3 months.Through online learning platform and post teaching methods, learning records will be seamlessly integrated with becoming a formal employee.As the company grows bigger, more attention has been paid to the input and cultivation of talent. Induction training is an important guideline for employees to gradually become familiar with and adapt to the organizational environment. It enables them accurately orientate their roles and give full play to their capabilities. The PV School will set up a more suitable learning project on previous basis, and lay a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company.

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