Fifth Research Institute of Electronics president visits TWS Hefei


Recently, President Xie Chengping of the Fifth Research Institute of Electronics, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and his party paid a visit to Tongwei Solar Hefei Company for research and survey.General manager of Tongwei solar Hefei company, Xie Taihong and the middle executives showed warm welcome. The two sides held a talk afterwards.


President Xie Chengping and delegation comprehensively learned the company’s development 

President Xie Chengping and delegation went to the P5 high-efficiency silicon cell production workshop and the company’s exhibition hall to have a comprehensive understanding of Tongwei solar cell production process and workshop operation. During the visit, President Xie Chengping and his party fully recognized Tongwei's highly automated solar cell production line and rigorous on-site management, and highly appreciated the rapid development of the company in recent years.


during the talk

During the talk, Xie Taihong introduced in detail Tongwei Group’s development history, operation as well as future development plan of Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu.President Xie Chengping explained in detail the policy of Made in China 2025 and said that intellectualization and clean energy are the inevitable trend of energy development in the future. Tongwei Solar is in line with the State's key support direction in terms of production line technology and product technology. He hoped that Tongwei Solar would continue to make great efforts to reform and innovate, boost local economy and lead the development of the industry.

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