PVS annual training project achieves initial success

2018-08-13 source:Tongwei   author:Jiang Ting

Theannual promotion and training project of the photovoltaic school started inJanuary 2018. The main object of the project is technical sequence personnel from equipment department, technologydepartment, quality department, factory affairs department,and the ESH, as wellas working team leaders of production department and reserve team leaders.

Sincethe inception of the project, with active cooperation of various departments,the project has been promoted smoothly.Individual development plan (IDP), postteaching, courseware making, online learning, case settling, theoreticalexamination and practical examination have been carried out in succession.

PVS pep talk at various departments

Atthe beginning of the project, applications by more than 500 employees werereceived. After screening,  370 employeesentered the annual promotion culturing class. Among them, 230 employees enteredthe promotion class for technical sequence posts, and 140 entered the promotionclass for working team leaders.

Ledby the photovoltaic school, the project appointed  head of each department as the chief directorof personnel training of the department.Head teachers were appointed toorganize personnel trainings.A total of more than 100 senior employees were selectedfor the post of staff teaching.

a qualified worker teaching on the post

Up to now, theproduction department of Cell Plant 1 has taken the lead and achieved initialsuccess.In February 2018,combined with monthly learning,55 students from CellPlant 1 held the first case sharing session by means of sharing, discussion andevaluation. A total of 110 team management improvement cases were submitted, ofwhich 4 were rated as classic cases and were uploaded to the online learningplatform for more employees to learn.

According to WuZhongcai, head of the department of production of Cell Plant 1, since theinception of the project, staff enthusiasm has obviously increased. In order tocarry out the project more effectively, ensure the improvement of the staff from ideological level to managementskills, and meet the company's demand for talent quantity and quality, theprocess management of the project will continue to be optimized. Especially forthe employees who put forward effective improvement cases, the company willgive both spiritual and material encouragement. At the same time, internal andexternal benchmarking will be well done in an atmosphere of catching up inlearning.The aim is to build the team into a strong learning oriented team.


head of the department reviewing cases

Asfor the young photovoltaic school, it will continue to accompany thedevelopment of the company, explore and update learning and growth model that ismore suitable for staff, strive to lay a good foundation for talent echelonbuilding of the company, and pave the way for career development of theemployees.

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