Tongwei Solar Spring Festival special report 1487


There are many surprises in the Spring Festival. This is how “company of theirs”spent the Spring Festival!

Spring Festival gift packages, free home buses, increased left-behind allowance again, carefully prepared New Year's Eve dinner... In addition, Tongwei Solar sent the biggest "gift packs" for the Spring Festival to 4100 employees in both Chengdu and Hefei.The release of "2018 salary adjustment policies" will bring to all employees after the Spring Festival, salary adjustment, incentive policy adjustment, work time adjustment, and promotion channels opening welfare. Surprises such as incentives and red packets are especially prepared in the Spring Festival for employees to return to the factory!

In order to let the staying staff savor the taste of the New Year, the two companies have also prepared free Spring Festival buffet, New Year's Eve dinner for employees on New Year’s Eve. Shrimp, braised fish, sausages,preserved pork, yogurt drinks, and fruits... Everyone spent a happy year at the company.


The Spring Festival gift package being released.

We are different.

Traffic flow in the city is gradually decreasing. The business streets are not as busy as usual. Every household is busy preparing festival purchases and posting new year’s scrolls. On the other side of the picture, Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu companies are on the go with enthusiasm.

Red lanterns hanging high, colorful paper-cut for window decoration, even the trees beside the road are decorated with mini lanterns. The Spring Festival has arrived, yet one can barely sense the smell of holiday in the factory area. Order officers at Tongyu property at the two factories are in high spirits. Orange staff buses arrive on time.  The smoke from canteen is billowing. The equipment in workshop is still in efficient operation.

Hefei base during the Spring Festival

Chengdu base with festival decorations

It is warmer and warmer every year, and it feels more vigorous at work.

"Xiao Xu, the index is OK. Check the distribution box. If there is no problem, you can come down." Cheng Wei, working group leader of factory affairs department of plant 1 at Hefei Base, is cooperating with his colleagues to complete a comprehensive inspection before the Spring Festival. On the day before the Spring Festival holiday, he monitored the exhaust gas index in real time outside the workshop as usual. This year is the fourth year that Cheng Wei stayed in the company and the third year that he stayed on duty in Spring Festival .

Cheng Wei is mainly responsible for monitoring exhaust gas indicators around the workshop, peripheral power safety,and fire protection. He has always been a model in the hearts of everyone, and has been elected outstanding worker for 17 years by the company. He also won the company’s special award for a trip overseas. Cheng Wei told reporters that their Spring Festival schedules are voluntary. Colleagues often save the opportunities of family reunion during Spring Festival for colleagues who live outside of the province or far away from home.  "For all the work during the Spring Festival, the company's concern for the staff on duty is in place. This year the company has increased the Spring Festival duty allowance. The meal on New Year's Eve for staff is carefully prepared. The families of staff rest assured for the company's arrangement. Every bit of arrangement by the company makes us feel warm. The hard work is worth it. "

Cheng Wei is working with his colleagues to complete the comprehensive inspection before the Spring Festival.

On New Year's Eve, the company sent us home.

The Spring Festival is the peak time for returning home.The two companies have arranged 19 special bus lines and 30 free buses for the staff who has been sticking to their posts till New Year's Eve to ensure the smooth return of all staff on New Year's Eve and escort all the staff for the family reunion on New Year's Eve.

February 14,in the afternoon,He Shuyan from production department of Plant 1 of Chengdu Base was in the office sorting out training materials.He reminded everyone to deal with attendance abnormalities before the festival. But at this time last year, she was worrying about how to get home from the bus station on New Year’s Eve.


He Shuyan is sorting out department information.

The company is far away from the station. It poses a big problem to get to the station from the company on New Year's Eve. He Shuyan said that this year the company arranged free home buses for employees and solved her big problem. It is a direct way home from the company, which reduces 70% of the time on the road. “The company's arrangement is so sweet. It usually takes about an hour to get to the station by bus, not counting the waiting time. On the 30th of the lunar new year,  I will be in time to cook New Year's Eve dinner for the old and children.Taking the company’s bus home will make it. "said He Shuyan,full of joy.“

He Shuyan told reporters that this Spring Festival the company released a series of salary adjustment policies. We are very pleased to know. As department clerks, colleagues came to ask her about the calculation of the new salary policies. He Shuyan helped them calculate the specific incentive policies and salary increases. "Front-line employees'wages have risen by several thousand yuan at least annually. The rate is even greater than before. I hope everyone will take the good news home and have a happy year in peace!"

 Early morning of the New Year’s Eve, 19 bus lines starting the way home in the two places 

At 6:30 in the morning of the New Year’s Eve, He Shuyan picked up his luggage and got on the special bus.  Like her colleagues, she wechated the news of her arrival to her family on the bus, waiting to return home for the family reunion in the New Year.

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