MEAIC& SP Reps visited TW Solar Hefei

2018-07-11 source:Tongwei  

(CorrespondentTao Yanni) July, 4, Yu Qiang, Chief Engineer of Hefei Municipal Economic andTrade Commission, Sun Ning, Director of Hefei Electronic Department, JiaoWenguang, Deputy General Manager of Power Station Business Department, SunshinePower, and He Wei, Executive Deputy General Manager of Sunshine Power, visitedTongwei Solar Hefei, and received warm welcome from the company's seniormanagement.

Duringthe talk held later, Mr. Zhang welcomed the delegation and introduced thecompany's development history and future strategic planning, as well as itsachievements obtained in recent years. He also reviewed the long-term goodstrategic cooperative relationship with Sunshine Power, which was highlypraised by the leadership and representatives of Hefei Municipal Economic andTrade Commission, and Sunshine Power Enterprise. Deputy General Manager JiaoWenguang said that Sunshine Power had been in line with Tongwei in strategicdeployment and development direction. He hoped that both sides could strengthenexchanges and deepen cooperation depth.

Inaddition, Director Sun Ning was given briefings about policies and status quoof the PV industry. He encouraged the development of key PV companies likeTongwei and Sunshine in the city and showed strong support. At the same time,he hoped that advantageous enterprises like Tongwei and Sunshine Power could holdhands and keep expanding cooperation areas. The two companies could createstrategic partnerships with complementary advantages, resource sharing andcommon development in every aspect in the photovoltaic industry.

Finally,Yu Qiang and representatives of the Sunshine Power Company visited the moduleM1 workshop and got to know about workshop products and its advanced equipment.After  on-the-spot investigation andreport briefings, he gave high credit to the company's lean management andindustry-leading module products. He hoped that Tongwei Solar would continue tomake persistent efforts to maintain its development advantages and make greatercontributions to the development of new energy industry.


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