TWS launches "New Year's Goods" dispatch

2018-08-27 source:Tongwei   author:Xu Lulu

 February 9, seven days before the Chinese Good Year, Tongwei Solar launched a lively and extraordinary "New Year's Goods" dispatch activity in order to make employees feel the joy and warmth of the Spring Festival ahead of time.


Chengdu company gift distribution site

As early as a month ago, the trade union staff of the two companies began to purchase New Year gifts for all the staff. Early in the morning, trucks loaded with "New Year's Goods" drove slowly into the two factories. Under the guidance of the staff, the "dispatch teams" went to the production workshop and functional departments in succession to dispatch gift bags to designated locations. With cheers,laughter and New Year's greetings, they delivered a variety of New Year's gift bags to employees. All the staff felt the company's humanistic care, and at the same time could send generous New Year gifts to their own families.


Hefei company gift distribution site

At the same time, colleagues from the Executive Department of Chengdu also prepared for the staff the Spring Festival lottery draw, through which variety of fine gifts were received by all the staff.They felt the company's care and warmth. The festive atmosphere of joy was lingering around the two factories.


the lottery draw spot

In view of the difficulty of getting a ticket for the Spring Festival travel rush, the trade union at the two companies also dispatched warm-hearted special buses with 19 lines and 30 shuttles,to take the employees who are living in the two provinces to prefecture-level cities,and those who are living outside the two provinces to major transport hubs, so that their Spring Festival travel home could become a comfortable journey.

In 2017, the company launched a series of festival greetings for employees, who have truly felt the warmth of Tongwei family. With such ardent care, everyone felt motivated. In 2018, all the staff will take this care and blessings and work together to achieve good results.

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