Mayor of Nantong visits TWS Chengdu

2018-08-27 source:tongwei   author:Chen Kun

February 1,deputy mayor of Nantong Municipal Government, Lu Weidong, led relevant leaders of Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Economy and Information Commission, Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology and Sutong Science and Technology Industrial Park Administrative Committee to visit Tongwei Solar Chengdu for inspection and survey. Zhou Dan, chief financial officer of Tongwei solar and the company's middle management showed warm welcome. The sides held a talk afterwards.


during the talk

Accompanied by Mr. Zhou, Vice Mayor Lu Weidong and his delegation went to the reception hall of S2 cell production workshop to learn the real-time operation of "intelligent factory" and "unmanned workshop".


photo group

At the talk,Mr.Zhou introduced in detail the 35-year development history of Tongwei Group, its development achievements in agriculture and new energy, and the development and operation of Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu.Vice Mayor Lu Weidong made a specific introduction of Nantong City.

The two sides discussed the proposed site selection of  Yangtze River Delta area for the new HJT1GW cell project and the 10GW high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell project.Vice Mayor Lu Weidong gave high credit to the strategic decision of Tongwei Solar’s layout in the Yangtze River Delta and expressed the willingness and capability of Nantong City to accept the project. He invites Tongwei Solar to invest in Nantong and plans to locate the project in Sutong Science and Technology Industrial Park.

In 2006, Vice Mayor Lu Weidong coordinated and completed the reorganization and listing of Linyang Energy. He has always paid close attention to the development of photovoltaic industry and representative enterprises. He gave high credit to Tongwei Solar's intelligent manufacturing, cost control, fine management, and industry status, and highly praised the company for its realistic and pragmatic corporate culture, as well as its high degree of crisis awareness. It is hoped that both sides could have closer cooperation in the future, and jointly explore the promising future of the development of new photovoltaic energy.

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