SCPGSO supervisory group inspects TWS Chengdu


February 1, led by Tan Gongyuan, head of the seventh supervisory group of the Provincial Security Office,  deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Government Security Office and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Security Supervision Bureau, the seventh supervisory group of the Sichuan Provincial Government Security Office(SCPGSO) paid a visit to Tongwei Solar Chengdu Company for inspection and survey. Zhang Yong, deputy director of Chengdu Security and Supervision Bureau, deputy director of Shuangliu District People's Government, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the management committee of Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, Zeng Hu accompanied Tan during the trip,and were warmly received by the middle executives of Tongwei Solar Chengdu.


the supervisory group watching company publicity video 

The supervisory team went to the reception hall of S2 cell workshop and listened carefully to the report of the company's middle executives on safe production in the beginning of the new year. Subsequently, Secretary Tan Gongyuan and his party also went to the workshop to learn the implementation of various safety production systems and measures, and checked on-site  production indicators and real-time data.

The supervisory group highly praised the company for its highly intelligent, automated production equipment, as well as efficient and tidy on-site management.They hoped that Tongwei Solar would continue to refresh safety record of zero accident, maintain a fast, stable and good momentum of development, and promote the development of local economy and China's photovoltaic industry.

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