TWS wins ICA award

2018-08-27 source:tongwei   author:Shi Hengjuan

January 26, jointly sponsored by the International Eco-economic Association, Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University, China Agricultural Economic Society, the seventh World Conference on Environmental Protection (Economy and Environment) was held in Beijing. Ding Zhongli, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic League, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhao Hualin,chairman of the supervisory board of state-owned key large enterprises under the State Council, He Keng, Standing Committee member of the Eleventh National People's Congress and vice director of the Finance and Economy Commission,and ambassadors, ministers, counsellors from more than ten countries,as well as representatives from relevant domestic institutions, associations and enterprises attended the meeting to witness the important moment of promoting the sustainable development of the world’s economy and environment.


the awarding ceremony

The meeting announced the results of the international carbon gold award selection.Tongwei Solar Hefei, with the vision of "building a world-class clean energy enterprise to benefit the mankind with solar energy", won the individual award of  “the 7th  China Green Enterprise Award ? the Best Model Award” for its outstanding contribution to clean energy and outstanding business performance. In addition, Tongwei Solar Chairman Xie Yi won the "7th International Carbon Gold Award Special Award - Green Low Carbon Development Personage".


“the 7th  China Green Enterprise Award ? the Best Model Award”


"7th International Carbon Gold Award Special Award - Green Low Carbon Development Personage"

The International Carbon Gold Award, referred to as ICA Award, is the highest honor in the field of global green low carbon development awarded by the Organizing Committee of the World Environmental Protection Congress. It constructs a multi-dimensional and stereoscopic evaluation system with low carbon strategy, application practice, social value, innovation advantages and other elements. The award is set for development oriented enterprises that have promoted China's green low-carbon development and achieved green benefits. Through expert review, social research, questionnaires and other rigorous selection, the best performers that have fulfilled social responsibilities by low-carbon concept were selected.

As an important promoter of China's new energy industry, Tongwei Solar has always practiced the concept of green energy conservation. Adhering to its corporate mission of pursuing excellence, contributing to society, the company sticks to the pursuit of excellence in product performance and quality at the same time. TWS actively fulfills the social responsibilities of corporate citizens, and focuses on energy conservation,emission reduction  and green environmental protection of its products.

It is reported that more than ten well-known domestic enterprises, such as Yili Group, Heng'an Group and Ping'an of China, won prizes in the same period.

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