Tongwei Co.,Ltd. held strategic partnership signing ceremony


May 28, SNEC the twelfth (2018) international solar photovoltaic and intelligent energy (Shanghai) conference and exhibition had a grand opening. Experts, industry leaders gathered together to witness the 2018SNEC exhibition. Mr. Liu Hanyuan, standing committee member of the eleven CPPCC National Committee, deputy to the NPC  and chairman of Tongwei group, attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the exhibition.

In the morning, the signing ceremony of Tongwei Co., Ltd.strategic partnership was successfully held at Tongwei booth W5-310. During this period, Tongwei  Co.,Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhonghuan Semiconductor. Tongwei solar signed a strategic cooperation agreement  with Chengdu (National) quality inspection institute.

Presented at the ceremony were Liu Hanyuan, chairman of the eleven CPPCC National People's Committee, deputy to the National People's Congress and Chairman of Tongwei group;  Shen Haoping, general manager of Tianjin Zhonghuan electronic information group,chairman of Tianjin Zhonghuan semiconductor Limited.; Gao Pengling, the Standing Committee member and Secretary General of Leshan municipal Party committee, Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Leshan high tech Zone; Zeng Hu, vice governor of Shuangliu District of Chengdu. Members of the Party group, Secretary of the Party Work Committee,Director of the management committee of the southwest airport economic development zone, Ye Yuanming, president  of the national quality inspection and examination center for PV products of the National Quality Inspection Institute of Chengdu (state), and Zhuo Yujiao, president of Tongwei group.

The photovoltaic industry peers, mainstream and industry media witnessed the great moment of strong cooperation in the photovoltaic industry.


Mr. Liu Hanyuan giving a speech

At the signing ceremony, Chairman Liu Hanyuan pointed out in his speech that after more than ten years of development, China's photovoltaic industry has been catching up and surpassing competitors, and has become the world's largest producer with lowest cost and leading technology.

Zhonghuan Semicondutor is the leading enterprise in China's monocrystalline ingot, monocrystalline silicon wafer and semiconductor industry. Both sides have reached a high level of consensus in the aspects of strategic union, professional division with complementary advantages for a win-win cooperation.We hope that the peers from the industry will be able to participate in the industry competition back to back and hand in hand to create a green industry and business ecosystem together, to co - operate and establish a development model for the industry. I believe that through concerted effort, we will be able to make respective advantage and make the industry healthier.


speech by Chairman Shen Haoping

Chairman Shen Haoping said that Zhonghuan had been engaged in semiconductor and monocrystalline industry for 30 years and had had success and frustrations. Zhonghuan and Tongwei are highly compatible in development concept. Facing rapid development of China's photovoltaic industry, the strong ones do not travel alone. I hope that the two sides will continue to expand cooperation areas, improve cooperation levels, and build a new pattern of benign interaction and green development.

In his speech, President Ye Yuanming said that he hoped that the two sides should complement and cooperate with each other in the future, jointly promote the quality  and technological progress of the industry, reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, promote the healthy development of the industry and the popularization of photovoltaic power generation, and make greater contributions to the utilization of green energy.


President Ye Yuanming's speech

It is understood that since 2016, Tongwei has formed strategic cooperation with Zhonghuan and has complementary advantages in monocrystalline silicon wafers and monocrystalline cells. This contract signing will not only give full play to the competitive advantages of Tongwei Co., high purity silicon, solar cells,  "fishery and PV integrated” business model, as well as the competitive advantages of Zhonghuan in silicon wafers, modules, system integration and power station development and operation.A win-win cooperation has been achieved to promote the benign competition of the photovoltaic industry, lead  rational, healthy and sustainable development of China's photovoltaic industry, and become another excellent case of the strong union in the photovoltaic industry. In the future, the two sides will continue to cooperate in the fields of high purity silicon, silicon wafer, solar cells in the principle of equality, mutual benefit, cooperative development and equal priority.

Xie Yi, director of Tongwei Co.,Ltd., President of Tongwei solar energy, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhang Changxu, executive vice president of Zhonghuan Semiconductor.


 Xie Yi, director of Tongwei Co.,Ltd., President of Tongwei solar energy, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ye Yuanming, president  of the national quality inspection and examination center for PV products of the National Quality Inspection Institute of Chengdu 

At present, Tongwei solar energy has formed a total of nearly 6GW high efficiency cell production capacity. It is the largest crystalline silicon solar cell company in the world. Its world’s first fully automated and highly efficient cell unmanned production line has been built and put into production.It takes the lead in digital workshop and intelligent plant.

The other signing party Chengdu (National) Quality Inspection Institute was established in 2009.In 2010, it is certified as national laboratory qualification.The laboratory covers an area of 11000 square meters. It is equipped with photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic application product and photovoltaic material products, solar simulation test system, electromagnetic compatibility test system, energy storage battery test equipment, and photovoltaic material characteristics analysis.the CDQII is internationally and domestically advanced in testing.The two sides will rely on their own resources and strengths to give full play to the advantages of the Chengdu (state) quality inspection and certification institutions and the advantages of Tongwei solar in  research and manufacturing of high efficiency cells and modules. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation and research,  continue to improve the standardization and intelligence degree of photovoltaic manufacturing, and promote the technology advancement of the photovoltaic industry in China. 


Mr.Liu Hanyuan interviewed by mainstream media

The signing ceremony of the day attracted mainstream media including the Xinhua news agency, China News Agency, China reform newspaper, Chinese media, Wen Wei Po, times weekly, Changjiang business newspaper, daily economic news, interface news, century new energy network, Polaris PV network, PV TECH, OFweek Photovoltaic network, energy one, Black Hawk PV, China distributed energy network, photovoltaics, international energy network, solarzoom, PV NEWS, Alai PV network, energy magazine,and solar power generation network. More than twenty media focused on the hot issues of their respective interests, and interviewed the contract guests.

As for the cooperation between the two sides and the future of the industry, according to Mr. Shen Haoping and Mr. Ye Yuanming ,Tongwei started with aquatic feed and went forward step by step. It not only has became the world’s largest aquatic feed production enterprise in the world, but also quickly grew into a "world class green food and world class green energy enterprise" through the development of new energy layout. 

The steady development of Tongwei for more than thirty years not only proves that Mr. Liu is a successful business leader, but also shows the development strength and stamina of Tongwei. At present, the photovoltaic industry is growing rapidly and is moving rapidly towards the direction of refinement, standardization and leading technology. It is hoped the colleagues in the industry can cooperate and develop together.

In an interview, Mr. Liu Hanyuan pointed out that technology propels the industry to develop. China's photovoltaic industry has formed a benign development of ten years, which is precisely because of the continuous upgrading of technology, and the continuous expansion of industrial scale, growing up to the global leading position from falling behind, catching up to surpassing.

At present, domestic research institutes and R & D teams have achieved enough results, capable of appropriate scale or even large-scale production. With the establishment of strategic cooperation, all these latest research and development achievements and new technologies will be applied in the process of industrialization and scale conversion by Tongwei in the future, which will further improve the efficiency of product conversion, reduce the cost of the system and promote the realization of grid parity.

As for the next layout of Tongwei, chairman Liu said that Tongwei, according to the market tempo and development needs, will appropriately expand the scale, strengthen its advantages, and join the industry peers in the development for complementary advantages and cooperative development, jointly promoting the healthy and benign development of the industry.Mr. Liu called on the hope that all walks of life, government agencies and the media can reach a broader consensus on the development of clean energy and give more active support to China’s photovoltaic industry.Chairman Liu pointed out that after ten years of development, China's photovoltaic industry has accounted for more than 70% of the global market share. Its global influence is completely comparable to that of China's high speed rail technology and mobile payment technology. It has become a new and beautiful business name card for the 40 years of China's reform and opening up.We shall clearly recognize that in the course of China's rise, the transition from fossil energy to clean energy is not only an urgent need for China's environmental improvement and energy transformation, but also a major contribution to the global economy. When China realizes clean energy concept, technologies and products in the“ Belt and Road Initiative”practices , the world will pay more respect and give more recognition to China, and China will also win more opportunities in the global competition.

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