Thai Deputy Consul General visited TongweiSolar Chengdu

2018-07-11 source:Tongwei  

July3, Ms. Bhavivarn Noraphallop, deputy consul general of the Consulate General ofThailand in Chengdu, and Mr. Peelin Skuna, dean of Technical College ofBhagwan, Thailand, paid a visit to Tongwei Solar Chengdu Company and receivedwarm welcome from the executives of Chengdu Company.

Group photo

Ms.BhavivarnNoraphallop and her delegation first visited the reception hall of TongweiSolar Chengdu’s S2 cell production workshop, and comprehensively learned thecompany's production capacity, development status, leadership, qualifications,honors and its future planning. Afterwards, they went to the workshop to get a fullunderstanding of the real-time operation of Tongwei Solar's “smart factory” and “unmanned workshop”.

Duringthe visit, Ms.Bhavivarn Noraphallop and delegation fully affirmed the company'sfully automated production lines and its lean on-site management. They highlypraised the company’s strategic layout, management innovation and development speed.It is hoped that the two sides would have closer cooperation in the future, andexplore the world of photovoltaic new energy development together.


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