TWS participated in Foreign Talents Recruitment Fair


May 19, the 2018 Foreign Talents Recruitment Fair (Chengdu), co-sponsored by the Foreign Talent Information Research Center of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Chengdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, was successfully held. In order to further expand the popularity and influence of Tongwei Solar Chengdu Company and reserve talent resource for the company's development, Tongwei Solar Chengdu Co., Ltd. actively prepares and participates in the recruitment work under the leadership of Tongwei Group.

With the deepening of the degree of openness, the demand for foreign employees of the local enterprises is also growing. This recruitment fair attracted hundreds of foreigners from the United States, Britain, France, Russia, and other countries and regions.It has become good communication platform for foreigners and domestic companies.


st the recruitment fair

The company has attracted a lot of foreign talents to stop by for consultation. The company also hopes to select high-quality, highly educated foreign marketing management talents and technical talents through this platform. Foreigners have language and culture advantages. They have particular advantages in opening up foreign markets. At the same time, they have different educational and cultural backgrounds , which can promote the collision of Chinese and foreign thinking, and help to treat and solve problems from multiple angles.

The recruitment site has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.International marketing manager and R&D manager positions were favored by most foreign applicants. More than 40 resumes were received. Job seekers had good interactions with the interviewers. Through on-site preliminary test and resume review, we will contact more than 10 candidates who meet up the requirements of the posts,and will communicate with the employer departments as soon as possible. The human resources department of the company actively carries out foreign talent reserve and will provide strong talent support for the next step expansion in overseas market for Tongwei cells.

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