PV School PPT project started classes


Recently, Tongwei University Photovoltaic School held opening ceremony of the post promotion training project at Tongwei Solar Hefei Company. The Human Resources Department fully cooperates with the relevant departments to hold the opening ceremony of classes. The relevant responsible persons in charge of each department participate in the event. The training targets include employees from Cell Plant 1, Cell Plant 2, Cell Plant 3, Module Plant,   Planning Department, Quality Department, Plant Business Department and Safety and Environment Protection Department. 

The opening ceremony is divided into two parts, which are designed to give departments a deeper understanding of the project. First of all, the Human Resources Department gave a comprehensive exposition on the background, objectives and how to implement the project. The representatives of the teachers and apprentices on the scene listened carefully and expressed their views on doubts about the project. The Human Resources Department also answered the questions raised one by one.

Afterwards, the leaders of various departments delivered speeches and expressed their support and expectation for this project. Leaders of various departments have said that the post promotion program is actually a good learning opportunity for both teachers and apprentices. On one hand, teachers can learn new things in the process of going through the same knowledge, and it is a process of checking and filling in parts of its teaching where it is weak.For apprentices, shouldering the economic mission of Tongwei, constantly improving their own capabilities, creating better benefits for the company, is conducive to broadening their career development path. On the other hand, the way teachers teach apprentices has brought the distance between employees closer, which is conducive to the promotion of team culture building.

post promotion training project opening ceremony 

So far, various departments have successfully held the opening ceremony of the post promotion training project, and have gained a deeper understanding of the project, ensuring the smooth implementation of the project at later stage. After continuous learning and timely precipitation, each department will eventually create a Tongwei team altogether with an emphasis on“responsibility, efficiency, coordination and effectiveness”.

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