PQII officials visited TW


May, 24, Ye Yuanming,chairman of Chengdu Product Quality Inspection and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Li Guogui, deputy general manager of the company, visited Tongwei Solar Chengdu Company, and received warm welcome from Xie Yi, President of Tongwei Solar, and the company's senior management. 


during the talk

Chairman Ye Yuanming first came to the reception hall of the S2 cell production workshop.After a detailed introduction of the company by senior management, he learned about the company's production capacity, development status, care from the leadership, qualifications&honors and future planning. Subsequently, Chairman Ye Yuanming and his entourage visited the workshop to fully understand the real-time operation of the “smart factory” and “unmanned workshop”.

During the visit, the company's senior management responded to the doubts of the guests on the production line, and further introduced the development plan of Tongwei Solar’s “smart manufacturing”.


group photo

At the talk, President Xie Yi first extended a warm welcome to Chairman Ye Yuanming and his delegation. He gave a detailed introduction to the operation and future development plan of Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu companies to Chairman Ye Yuanming. He hoped by this opportunity of exchange, the two sides could explore opportunities for deep cooperation with complementary advantages, and build a new pattern of benign interaction and common development.

Chairman Ye Yuanming expressed his recognition of Tongwei's development achievements and social influence in the fields of agriculture and new energy, and highly praised the modern management mode of Tongwei Solar. He expressed his willingness to actively promote the cooperation process with Tongwei Solar and promote the integration of resources, for a blueprint of win-win relationship with mutual benefits.

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