PV school held a sum-up meeting

2018-08-22 source:tongwei   author:Zhai Meng

 May, 23, Tongwei University Photovoltaic School held a summary and report meeting of the "Lean Class Building" project at Tongwei Solar Hefei Company. Xie Taihong, General Manager of Tongwei Solar Hefei, and Yang Wendong, Director of Human Resources, as well as the middle level cadres of TWS Hefei's production system actively participated in the meeting. Human resources department of Tongwei Group assisted TWS for the smooth holding of the meeting.

During the meeting, representatives from project teams from various departments of the production system successively made summary reports. Through examples, data, and illustrated PPT presentations, they analyzed the morale and dimission of employees in their respective departments. They objectively and deeply analyzed the problems in management, and developed  corresponding action plans.

The middle level and senior management gave scores on the project team representatives, and gave a “fair, just and equitable” evaluation to each project team representative. After each round of the report, there was a Q and A round, where the senior leadership in view of the content of the reports raised questions, and the project team positively gave an answer. This round showed the spirit of Tongwei people to pursue excellence.


at the report meeting 

After summary and report, Director Yang Wendong said that leading cadres need to make betterment on three aspects of focus,analysis and improvement, and choose the best tools for work. General manager Xie Taihong acknowledged various departments for their summaries and reports, and asked the staff to cherish every opportunity of study. This lean class building project can lay a solid foundation for the basic class building and consolidate the cornerstone of the company’s management.

At the same time, with the smooth start of the first phase of Tongwei solar (Anhui) Co., Ltd.’s project, the company's demand for lower management is greatly increased. This project can effectively train and supply talent.


TWS Hefei general manager Xie Taihong made a summary speech

At the end of the meeting, after score calculation, the meeting  selected three outstanding students: Cai Tongqiang from quality department, Zhang Qian and Wang Jun from production department of Cell Plant 1. General manager Xie Taihong presented the awards.


photo of award recipients 

A total of 646 people participated in the training. The pass rate of training and assessment was 92%. The system of "one teacher and three members", rationalized proposals and OPL were proposed to be carried out, which greatly strengthened class group’s culture building, quickly promoted team cohesion, made solid the level of management again, and laid a solid foundation for the later development of the company.

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