HK Chinese Chamber of Commerce visits TWS Chengdu


May 13, to attend the Sichuan - Hongkong exchanging meeting for investment and trade cooperation, Henry Chen,the executive vice president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Hongkong and executive vice president of Hongkong Kingwai group, led entrepreneurs from the chamber to visit Tongwei solar Chengdu company for survey and research. 

Standing committee member of Shuangliu District Party Committee, chairman of the federation of trade unions, Han Chao, vice governor of SLD,and deputy director of the Free Trade Bureau, Wang Xiaole, vice director of the southwest airport development district management committee, Liu Zhixu, and relevant leaders from SLD government office, free trade bureau, and investment promotion bureau accompanied Chen on the trip, and received warm welcome from Zhou Hua,deputy general manager of TWS Chengdu.


group photo

The visiting delegation first went to the reception hall of the S2 cell production workshop of TWS Chengdu company, and learned about capacity scale, development status, care from the leadership, qualifications&honors, and future planning of the company. Then, they went further to the workshops to fully understand the real-time operation of Tongwei solar’s smart plant and unmanned workshops.

During the visit, the delegation fully acknowledged the fully automated production lines, and efficient and neat management level of Chengdu company. They highly appraised the strategic layout, management innovation and development speed of Tongwei solar, and hoped to enhance understanding and communication with enterprises in SLD, so that enterprises can achieve greater development with the help of the development platform of Shuang Liu.

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