TWS attends TFND vocational education event

2018-08-22 source:Tongwei   author:Chen Jinfeng

School-Enterprisecooperation is the internal requirement for corporate development and progressunder new circumstances. It is the strategic measure to realize the win-win scenariobetween schools and enterprises. In order to strengthen communication withschools and promote long-term development of school enterprise cooperation, May11, as enterprise representative, Tongwei solar Chengdu was invited toparticipate in the launch ceremony of 2018 vocational education activitiesmonth in Tianfu New District,by the Vocational School of Tianfu New District.

at the awarding ceremony

This eventis organized by the Local Governance and Social Affairs Bureau of Tianfu NewDistrict, and co-sponsored by Vocational School of Tianfu New District. At thelaunch ceremony, the Secretary of the school Party committee and President ,Mr. He Jiyong, said that talent training should be serialized to focus on thefuture development of students. It is necessary to set up class of skills andclass of orders according to the needs of enterprises, to actively explore themodern apprenticeship system, and to fit exactly the talent training model ofthe company. The pace of our cooperation with schools will be thus confirmed.


Afterwards,the school gave praise and acknowledgement to TW’s goal of "becoming the world class solar photovoltaic enterpriseand world class clean energy company with all-out efforts".


TW’s participation of the annual vocational educationevent marks a new stage of cooperation with the school. In future cooperation, TWwill actively strengthen the exchange with the school and promote mutual development.

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