TWS in action: to keep up with Tencent and Ali

2018-08-22 source:Tongwei   author:Jiang Ting

As the scale of the company expanding rapidly and market competition becoming more intense, TWS has seen rises in both talent quality and talent quality.Since the launch of the annual promotion and training program, the University of Tongwei has been actively promoting projects with various departments every month. On the one hand, TW encourages employees to use fragment time for online theoretical study. On the one hand, it carries out high efficient and high quality post teaching and training programs. At the same time, supporting face-to-face sharing and summary event is provided at least once a month. Without affecting normal work, the training of talent will be accelerated from theory to practice, from quality to skills.


during training

May 7, the PV School organized the production department of Cell Plant # 3 of Tongwei solar Chengdu base to carry out monthly training activities for class monitors and team leaders. In total of about 30 people including  current class leader and reserve class leader of the production department of Cell Plant # 3  participated in this training.Li Zhongjian, deputy director of production department of Cell Plant # 3, was the main lecturer. In the course of the training, the trainees first shared the results of online and offline learning in April. Mr. Li commented on the case and shared experience on group management skills. Finally, led by Mr. Li,the unscheduled staff members took their private rest time to inspect the workshops carefully ,and looked for aspects to be improved and started brainstorming. 


workshop inspection, looking for aspects to be improved 

Whether it is the production line or other departments, whether it is in Chengdu or Hefei, more often than not, the photovoltaic school organizes staff to use fragment time and time after work to study.In the course of the training, at the highlights during sharing, the staff members did not forget to make fun and encourage partners.Although it was late at night, the passion and meaningfulness of learning made them completely forget time and fatigue. Such a learning scene is only a bit of dribs and drabs in the training, showing in microcosm that TWS people seize every minute and second to work .The most terrible thing in the world is that people who are smarter than you, are still working harder than you!" said Liu Hanyuan, chairman of Tongwei group in his article, and shared it with Tongwei staff for mutual encouragement on May 7.The article showed how employees from Tencent, Alibaba, HUAWEI, NetEase and other successful enterprises press forward with work day and night.The photovoltaic school has always believed that success belongs to persistent lifelong learners. The PVS will also guide the development of our talent with this belief, and will spare no effort to guide the staff with the striving spirit and encourage them to ceaselessly strive for daily progress and hard work.

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