TWS receives honorary title of "well-known brand product"

2018-08-22 source:tongwei   author:Shi Hengjuan

May 10, director of Hefei high tech zone market supervision and management bureau Wei Wei  and delegation paid a visit to Tongwei solar Hefei, and issued the certificate of  "well-known brand product in Anhui" to the company.


"well-known brand product in Anhui" certificate

It is reported that  Anhui provincial bureau of quality and technology supervision and Anhui promotion committee of well-known brands formally launched the application in February 2017. The aim is to encourage and guide the upgrading of corporate quality brands, giving full play to the important role of quality brands in speeding up the implementation of the five major development initiatives.

According to the "regulations on well-known brand products in Anhui ", through a series of strict procedures of voluntary declaration, local initial trial recommendation, expert evaluation and social publicity, it took nearly one year to select the award list. Solar cell (P156) by Tongwei solar Hefei has successfully won the honorary title of well-known brand product in Anhui .

In recent years, Tongwei solar has been deeply implementing the “opinions on promoting supply and demand structure upgrading by giving full play to the role of leading brands”  (No. 44 of State Office [2016]) by the office of the State Council, as well as “initiatives for accelerating structure adjustment, changing approaches and promoting upgrading (Wan issue[2015] 13)by provincial Party committee and provincial government. TW always pays attention to the brand effect of products and fully realizes the important role that well-known brand strategy implementation plays in enhancing management level and competitive edge of products on market.The company keeps quality improvement, speeds up the pace of brand building, and always adhere to the well-known brand cultivating principle of improving management internally and expanding market externally, so as to improve quality management level and customer satisfaction of products. The winning of the honorary title of " well-known brand products in Anhui" this time marks the high popularity and influence of Tongwei solar products. Its quality of products has been widely recognized by society. In the later stage, the company will further make its brand bigger and stronger, and become the exemplar in the province in quality brand upgrading .  

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