TWS holds 4th basketball game


May 9, the basketball final of Tongwei solar Hefei successfully ended. After 12 competing days with a total of 26 matches, TWS fourth basketball competition ended successfully.

fierce confrontation at the finals at Hefei and Chengdu companies

At the final of Hefei company, the players played with all their strength. The intense atmosphere at the very beginning pushed the two sides into fierce confrontation. Although Cell Plant 2 had maintained its leading position, it was constantly leveled by its rival. It was not so easy for the three-time championship, to win the fourth time.Even when the game approached the last moment, the score was still being leveled. The team of Cell Plant 2 guarded the dignity of champion,  edged out the rival by one score with a result of 64:63,and once again won the first place of Hefei company; The Cell Plant 1 team won the second place.The plant business department team won the third.

The final at TWS Chengdu started on April 27. The plant business department team and security and environment department won the first place of Chengdu company; Functional department team won the second place. Cell Plant 3 won the third. 

group photo of the two companies

As one of the most popular cultural activities, basketball game has been highly concerned since the beginning of its signing up. In total of 140 employees from Hefei and Chengdu companies participated in the competition. The team members from various departments have well shown the spirit of going all out in work by "Tongwei people".The unity and cooperation between departments have been strengthened. The fourth basketball game of TWS ended satisfactorily.

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