Tongwei Solar won awards at the Party’s Day activities

2018-07-11 source:Tongwei  

On the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the establishment of theCommunist Party of China, Chengdu City and Shuangliu District carried out aseries of the Party’s Day celebration activities to commend outstandingCommuist Party members, outstanding Party workers and advanced Partyorganizations. The purpose was to inspire the majority of party members andcadres to bear in mind to remain true to our original aspiration and mission.Tongwei Solar Chengdu Co., Ltd. participated in many events and accepted awardson site.

Chengdu"Two Excellencies and One Advancement" awarding ceremony

June,27, Chengdu held a conference to celebrate the 97th anniversary ofthe founding of the Communist Party of China and to commend "Two Excellenciesand One Advancement". The conference awarded Xie Yi, president of TongweiSolar, the title of "Chengdu Excellent Communist Party Member".

Group photo of SAEDZ “July 1” awardingceremony

June,29, the Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone of Shuangliu District helda conference to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding ofthe Communist Party of China and the "July 1st" Party’sDay. The conference awarded the title of "Excellent Party Worker" tothe employees of Tongwei Solar  Company Chengdu.

Group photo from“Revisiting Chairman Xi’s WenchuanInvestigation Route”

Beforethe Party’s Day, Tongwei Solar Chengdu employee representatives participated inthe activities of “RevisitingChairman Xi’s Wenchuan Investigation Route”carried out by Menzi Community, ShuangliuDistrict. The employee representatives pursued the footprints of President Xi.They followed the Party with original inspiration, listened to local people’s tellingof President Xi’s words and deeds, and shared the great joy of victory inpost-disaster reconstruction. They also  participated in the "July 1st Party’sDay Celebration" held by Huangjia, Shuangliu District, and showcased thecompany's bearing by presenting a poetry reading - "The Sky of July".

In the past 97 years, the Communist Party of China has united and led thepeople of all ethnic groups to achieve great accomplishments that haveattracted worldwide attention. This  hasbeen our pride. There will be no ending to the development of our cause. Theinitial heart and inspiration of the Party members can never be changed. Onlyby not forgetting our inspiration and mission with persistent effort, can we facethe history and comfort our ancestors. In this way we can win the heart of thepeople, gain victory over the times, make remarkable progress and go forward.Tongwei Solar will not forget the original inspiration, bear in mind themission, shoulder new responsibilities, and make new deeds by keeping our whiteclouds and blue sky intact for future generations. Tongwei people will makeunremitting efforts to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, bypursuing our goal of  buildingworld-class solar photovoltaic company and world-class clean energy company!


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