Hefei SPSA officials inspect TWS

2018-08-22 source:Tongwei   author:Zhu Wenjing

May 7, Zhu Shiqun, deputy director of Hefei safetyproduction supervision administration, Yang Dejin, director of high tech zone safetyproduction supervision administration, Tao Yuhon, expert on safety production paida visit to Tongwei solar to carry out specific safety inspection on dangerouschemicals. The delegation received warm welcome from responsible persons from safetyand environment department of TWS Hefei. The two sides held a talk.

During the talk

Mr. Zhu went to the H2 chemical storehouse,G1 special gas station and stations for other dangerous chemicals, and got adetailed understanding of the storage, management and use process of all kindsof dangerous chemicals. The delegation made systematic check on the layout andusage of warehouses, as well as production site monitoring and alarm facilities.


During the talk, Director Zhu and delegationcarefully examined relevant materials of the company's hazardous chemicals,including management and control methods of dangerous precursor chemicals, standingbook of the warehouse and list of identification and distribution of riskysources of the plant area. Meanwhile, the expert group inspected and analyzedmajor hazard sources in the factory. After consulting relevant safetyevaluation report, TW finally passed the review successfully. Director Zhupointed out that the inspection work of the on-site warehouse of dangerouschemicals should be complete and meticulous. The place for protective clothingshould be kept clean and pollution-free.Using and reserved draught fans inchemical transportation room should be ensured. Daily management and control shouldbe strengthened over large gas stations, special gas stations and other highrisk locations. Key issues should be treated with special emphasis.

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