?TWS awards the “most beautiful craftsmen”


In order to vigorously carry forward the spirit of craftsman, and further promote talent team building,on the occasion of the arrival of the Youth Day, the first "most beautiful craftsman award ceremony" of Tongwei Solar was held in Hefei and Chengdu. On May 1,the  International Labour Day, 23 workers from the two places selected by the staff were given the honor of the first "most beautiful craftsmen".

The selection was voted by all staff members, and selected a total of 23 excellent and dedicated exemplar employees from more than 4300 front-line workers from the production, quality, and plant business departments.

At the award ceremony, "the most beautiful craftsmen" wore ribbons on the podium to receive awards, honorary certificates and cash incentives awarded by the company. On behalf of the "most beautiful craftsmen", Ding Erliang and Li Zhaoshu, respectively, expressed their willingness to make persistent efforts in future work, constantly learn new knowledge, master new skills, improve the level of work and make new contributions.



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