TWS makes Chengdu Daily news headline


May 2, Chengdu dailypublished a headline coverage, titled "Chengdu - to build the city that ismost suitable for new economic development". The article again focused onthe development of TW solar, and gave its production workshops wide coverage inlarge pictures. As a representative enterprise that  promotes the development of Chengdu's neweconomy, TWS has been repeatedly reported by Chengdu TV, Chengdu Business Dailyand Shuangliu TV Station this year.

TWSmakes Chengdu Daily news headline


According to the report,innovation system shall be remodeled;innovationvitality shall be stimulated; emerging industry forms shall be cultivated. Thecontribution rate of the new economy to Chengdu's economy has been continuouslyimproving with the deepening of comprehensive innovation reform. With threesubtitles "The new economy has accumulated huge market here", "Thecity most suitable for new economic growth" "Strivers talking about‘shared’Chengdunew economy", the coverage fully demonstrates that Chengdu is focusing onconstructing a new economic industrial system with global competitiveness andregional power.


On September 20 lastyear, Tongwei solar built and put into production the first fully automaticunmanned intelligent manufacturing line. The production line not only branded “madein Chengdu” for photovoltaic power generation,but also injected new vitality into the innovation economy of Chengdu, promotingthe development of Chengdu’s new economy.

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