TWS donates modules for Qinghai-Tibet depopulated zone


On the Qinghai Tibet highway with an average elevation of 4700 meters, the "Qinghai-Tibet green post station" serves as a green messenger on the plateau to protect the natural environment on both sides of the Qinghai Tibet line. It is set to clean up garbage along the Qinghai Tibet highway, publicize ecological resources and environmental protection of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, and  provide shelter for long-distance truck drivers and self driving tourists. However, due to coldness and high altitude of the natural environment, "Qinghai-Tibet Green Post Station" has difficulty in power supply.Access to national power would consume a lot of manpower and material resources.Tongwei Group launched a public welfare project, and donated off-grid photovoltaic power generation system to "Qinghai-Tibet green post station".Daily power supply problem of the post station will be solved, lighting up the light for the "no man’s land" on  Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Through active communication with the Green River environmental protection promotion association of Sichuan province, Tongwei took action immediately and made design scheme for the power station.April 13, the photovoltaic modules, which were donated to "Qinghai-Tibet green post station" at Kunlun Mountain, Sanjiangyuan and Fenghuoshan, were all prepared and made a successful departure from Tongwei solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. The journey of Tongwei green energy into Qinghai Tibet "no man's land" has officially begun.


Departure: safety first, love and compassion from Tongwei people

At 2:30 on April 13, the wagon, which was about to load the "Qinghai-Tibet green post station" PV modules, had arrived at Tongwei solar Hefei. Two forklift workers were carrying the modules and loading the wagon. After half an hour's busy work, the wagon loaded with modules successfully started from Tongwei solar Hefei company.

At the loading site, the logistics specialist responsible for the donation transportation worked conscientiously, implemented and specified matters concerning transportation route, low temperature anti-freezing,and plateau traffic safety. The staff introduced: "Although the weather in Hefei is very good, there is a distance of 3000 kilometers. The 3 post stations are located at a latitude of 4700 meters above sea level. Recent low temperature is 2 degrees below zero.Driver's altitude stress is also within our consideration. We specially arranged drivers who are familiar with the plateau terrain to run the Qinghai Tibet route.This donation is of great significance to Tongwei. We will do our utmost to provide the safest and most efficient logistics guarantee.

The participants in every part of the project dare not keep a slack hand, and repeatedly confirmed the goods and transportation. The responsible person of Tongwei solar said that it is a great honor for the company to participate in the donation activities. It is hoped through donation of the modules,the volunteers of the Qinghai-Tibet green post station would feel love and compassion from Tongwei people. The clean energy of Tongwei would illuminate more areas and make life better.

Construction: professional escort, to fully safeguard "manufactured by Tongwei " and press onward  "no man's land" in Qinghai Tibet.

It is understood that the off-grid photovoltaic system of  "Qinghai-Tibet green post station" adopts modules produced by Tongwei solar.TWS took total responsibility in  on-site installation. The average elevation of the three green post stations is over 4500 meters above sea level. There is barely any residence locally. It is  "no man’s land”as well as "no power zone" with completely no electricity supply. Tongwei people will experience the most severe test of project construction.

In the donation of photovoltaic modules, Tongwei solar provides a total of 65 polycrystalline 60 version diamond wire modules, which can fully meet the daily power supply of "Qinghai-Tibet green post station". According to TWS technicians, in order to adapt to the special natural environment of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the donated modules all adopt polycrystalline diamond wire, and have excellent weak light power generation performance. In the environment of low irradiance, it still has higher power generation than ordinary modules. At the same time, the module has  perfect self cleaning ability, which reduces power loss caused by surface dusts, and provides power guarantee for the green post stations.

After successful departure, the wagon loaded with construction materials is expected to reach the "Qinghai-Tibet Green Post Station" Kunlun Mountain Station in 4 days. At this time, the PV terminal section of Tongwei new energy Co., Ltd. has done a good relay and sprint, and will start construction upon arrival of the modules.

The staff told reporters that in order to adapt to the construction environment of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and overcome living difficulties of the "depopulated area", officers in charge of the project from engineering,technology and purchasing departments will arrive in Qinghai two days ahead of time, and make final preparations for the project construction and adapt to the local altitude and climate.In order to use the clean green energy first time after its completion,installation and construction will start immediately after the arrival of the project. It is expected that the installation of photovoltaic system for three stations will be completed in about 10 days.

What challenges will Tongwei face in the process of project construction? Tongwei public donation of "Qinghai-Tibet Green Post Station" off-grid photovoltaic power generation system series reports will continue to cover the entire process.Please stay tuned.

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