SCFTU officials visit TWS Chengdu

2018-08-22 source:Tongwei   author:Xu Lulu

April 2, led by Li Maolin, member of the Party group and vice president of Sichuan federation of trade unions(SCFTU),the research group of corporate gender equality mechanism building paid a research visit to Tongwei solar Chengdu.Member and vice chairmen of Chengdu federation of trade unions Party group, Chen Cong, chairman of the standing committee of Shuangliu District and chairman of the district federation of trade unions, Han Chao, Party secretary and executive vice chairman  of Shuangliu district federation of trade unions, Qiu Liangfang,and Zhou Kekui, Party group member and vice chairman Zhou Kekui, accompanied Li for the investigation. The middle and senior management of Tongwei solar Chengdu showed warm welcome and held a meeting with the visitors.


a visit to the workshop by the survey group

In the reception hall of the S2 cell production workshop, the investigation group listened to a briefing on the company trade union’s various enriched staff activities and its trade union building. Then they visited the workshops to get a comprehensive understanding of real time operation of "intelligent factory" and "unmanned workshop". During the visit, the team showed great appreciation for Tongwei's highly automated solar energy production line and its fine on-site management.


at the meeting

At the meeting, Xiao Shengyi, executive deputy general manager of Tongwei solar Chengdu, warmly welcomed the arrival of the research group. The two sides held discussions on gender equality implementation of equal rights in employment, training,and promotion,focusing on gender equality of employees, erasing  female employees’ anxiety after childbirth, and realizing equal social values.

According to the research group, through research and survey, the highlights and characteristics of Tongwei Solar Chengdu in gender equality mechanism building have been found. It is hoped that the company would continue to improve measures and refine content, so that employees can truly feel the happiness brought by gender equality mechanism building.

After the survey, vice president Li Maolin said that the research is an important means to implement the spirit of the nineteenth National Congress of the CPC as well as the NPC and CPPCC. It is the root to further understand gender equality mechanism building in enterprises with highlights and inefficiencies. It is hoped that both enterprises would take this opportunity to continuously make innovations in thinking concerning gender equality mechanism building , and provide good experience and good methods for equality mechanism building in the whole province and even in the whole country.

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