The 2018 Q1 watching activity wrapped up

2018-08-22   author:Wang Liang

 Since its inception,  Photovoltaic School of Tongwei University has been striving to explore innovative learning methods, and  enhance employee capabilities. March 23, the PV school organized 35 students of the group leader promotion and cultivation class to watch Operation Mekong and shared their impressions afterwards. Meanwhile, the film was uploaded to online learning platform for all the employees to learn and participate in online discussions.

Operation Mekong is adapted from the "major transnational case of 10.5 Mekong River " that shocked the world. Themed with patriotism, the film tells a true story of the Chinese public security broke through numerous difficulties to claim innocence and justice for 13 boatman victims.

The film shows forth China’s determination and capability to defend the rights and interests of citizens and conveys to the world the sound of "Whoever violates the Chinese nation will be punished,no matter how far away they are.”

With teacher's guidance during the movie, everyone was fully committed, and got excited and indignant. Peng Derong, FQC monitor of the quality department shared his opinions: I was especially impressed by the antidrug policemen, and their concerted effort to find out the backstage drug dealers and claim innocence and justice for the 13 boatman victims.If our working group wants to be excellent, we shall be banded together like strands of a rope and work hard towards the same direction as well. 

Fan Ji Hao, management associate from production department of cell plant 1, made some self-examination: Gao Gang, the leader of the anti narcotics squad in the film, distributed tasks according to the characteristics of each member, and showed us the team power of tacit coordination with each one giving full play to his strength. This makes me rethink that as the leader of the class, I should also fully understand the uniqueness,advantages and disadvantages of the group members so as to make rational labor division, and  everyone thus can play their role.Deng Lifu, leader of production department of Cell Plant 3, realized that although the evil force of the film was eventually brought to justice, valiant and precious lives were sacrificed. I know that when a person shoulder responsibilities, we would be more fearless. Although our life is far less thrilling than in the film, at least we can learn to shoulder responsibilities.

It is reported that in 2018, the photovoltaic school will organize movie watching in every quarter. Seeing inspirational films not only enriches amateur life of the staff, but also guides everyone to gain from the event. Work skills are thus promoted. Fighting spirit and work enthusiasm of employees is thus stimulated.

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