?TWS holds 2018 Q1 employee birthday parties

2018-08-22 source:tongwei   author:Lei Sisi, Ge Yingmei

Recently, photovoltaic school held staff birthday celebrations in Hefei and Chengdu in the first quarter of 2018.The family of Tongwei gathered together to spend time of happiness .

The birthday parties at the two places invited more than 80 birthday employees. In a delightful atmosphere, Hefei company's birthday party was decorated with lanterns, colored ribbons and balloon, and filled with laughter and singing. At the beginning of the party, the staff members actively participated in warm-up games of step on the balloon and my love for the lyrics. The winning birthday employees got small gifts and were photographed. While having fun, the teamwork of the staff was enhanced. Making wishes, blowing candles, cutting cakes, singing birthday songs together, the staff shared the delicious food and expressed sincere blessings to each other. Finally, the party ended with sound of joy.

The birthday party of Chengdu company consisted of two parts. The first part was interactive games,including peach blossoms, frog games, and finger exercises. Small gifts were sent to the winning birthday stars.The birthday stars supervised and cooperated with each other to complete the exciting competition.Full of laughter, the games not only alleviated the usual work pressure of employees, but also increased tacit understanding and trust between them.The second part was make a wish and cut the cake. The birthday stars stood in a circle, lit candles together and made good wishes together. Tasting delicious fruit cakes, the birthday stars smiled happy smiles. Merry time is always short. Photos however  captured every happy moment. The birthday stars said that such a birthday celebration was really sweet.

 birthday party at Chengdu company

At this point, the staff birthday celebration for the first quarter of 2018,  ended successfully. As the annual regular activity of Tongwei University's photovoltaic school, employee's birthday party bears the company's gratitude for hard working employees. It enables each and every employee to feel the warmth of the company family, enhances their sense of belonging, and makes the staff truly integrate into the big family for better work and growth with the company. In the coming 2018, PVS will continue to make explorations and innovations, and strive to bring more exciting and memorable activities to all the staff.

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