?PVS students passed national skill appraisal

2018-08-22 source:Tongwei   author:Wang Liang

 March 28, 2018,Photovoltaic School and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued electrician qualification certificates for 90 employees of the company.The employees who received the certificate not only obtained qualifications for skill settlement in Chengdu,but also received technical talent subsidies of 135000 yuan in total granted by Chengdu municipal government. This indicates that PV School has achieved new results in the exploration of multi skilled talent building.

As one of the many skill upgrading projects of the photovoltaic school, the electrician professional qualification project started theory and practice training in January 2018, and all 90 traineespassed the national skill appraisal test  in March and won national electrician professional qualification certificate.


group photo

In coordination with rapid development of the company, Tongwei University Photovoltaic School has been committed to employees’ promotion of comprehensive quality and professional skills since its establishment.It aims to help the employees grow with the company together. 

Through one year's exploration, in 2018, the technical grade appraisal project of photovoltaic school has been successful, and has helped more than 130 employees  obtain national skill qualification certificates, such as grade two maintenance technicians and electrician professional qualifications. Moreover, this year the photovoltaic school also set up internally various classes of management and professional skill upgrading, and carried out externally school enterprise cooperation with a number of colleges and universities and set up academic credentials classes and order training classes. In future, the photovoltaic school will adhere to its original inspiration and continuously provide intellectual support for the rapid development of the company.

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