CD TV & Phoenix TV report on TW Solar

2018-07-11 source:Tongwei  

June3,and June 4, Chengdu TV and Phoenix TV’s  prime time programs “CityNews” and “Looking Westward Toward Chengdu”reported on Chengdu’s green low carboncircular development and unmanned economy.The programs focused specifically onTongwei Solar’s green, low carbon,environment-friendly development and its unmanned production lines.

TW Solar reported on City Newsby CDTV

As of the endof April this year, according to  CityNews,Tongwei Solar’s cell shipment volume has reached 10 GW, which canachieve an annual power generation of 11 billion KWh, given an annual averagesunlight of 1100 hours. The annual average power generation volume can achievean annual carbon dioxide emission reduction of 520,000 tons.This emissionreduction amount is equivalent to that of planting 300,000 trees. The dischargeof waste water and exhaust gas in the production process is far below thenational standard.

Xie Yi, President of TWSolar,interviewed by City News reporter

Theprogram “Looking Westward Toward Chengdu”highlightedthe unmanned production lines of Tongwei Solar, and pointed out that in theproduction field, Chengdu has already deployed Tongwei solar’sunmanned production lines, called " the Super Factory" - the world'sfirst industrial 4.0 "Smart Manufacturing "high efficiency cellproduction line. In this “super factory”, there are no busy workers,but only two or three engineers carrying out equipment debugging. In theworkshop, there are only  automated,intelligent equipment and a  fewengineers .

TW Solar reported by PhoenixTV

According to thereport, Tongwei Solar is one of the ten-plus companies in Chengdu that haveobtained carbon footprint certification, issued by China Quality CertificationCenter. According to carbon footprint certification data, during productionprocess, each piece of crystalline silicon cell of Tongwei Solar has a totalcarbon emission of only 1.72 kilograms, counting in the emission of rawmaterials in upstream process. If only the cell itself is considered, the  emission is just 0.04 kilograms. The greenclean power generated by each crystalline silicon cell during its 25-year lifecycle can achieve a carbon dioxide emission reduction of at least 133 kg, whichis 3,300 times more than that of the manufacturing process.

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