PVS holds academic credential training classes

2018-08-22 source:tongwei   author:Jiang Ting

March 29, the opening ceremony of photovoltaic school 2018 classes for academic credential of associate degree was held at Tongwei solar Chengdu. Wang Fei, deputy secretary of the department of electronic engineering of Chengdu Engineering Institute, Zhao Baichuan, class adviser, You Li,teaching supervisor,as well as the middle management of TWS attended and witnessed the opening  and oath-taking ceremony.


the oath-taking ceremony

Wang Fei, deputy secretary of the Department of electronic engineering of Chengdu Engineering Institute, addressed the opening ceremony. He introduced the history of the Institute and its teaching advantages in detail. At the same time, he gave a detailed description of the students' concerned issues in learning, examination and diploma. The PV School then released class management rules. It will not only cooperate with colleges to select outstanding students and grant scholarships every year, but will also give corresponding policy support to the staff in management methods such as job promotion and skill evaluation. Students expressed their feelings, especially in cherishing this good opportunity of working and learning.


class opening ceremony

Recently, the photovoltaic school has held class opening ceremonies for 2018 training class for bachelor’s degree of Southwest Petroleum University and  2018 training class for associate degree of Chengdu Engineering Institute. At the same time, the  MBA seminar has been started since 2017, which marks a historic breakthrough in the exploration of the employee's educational background. In future,the photovoltaic school will always adhere to the original inspiration to contributing to the company's talent development. It will continue to carry out high quality school enterprise cooperation, and improve the project, so that more staff’s  dream  of education will be fulfilled.


group photo

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