UEST expert visits TWS


March 30, vice president of the College of Aeronauticsand Astronautics of the University of Electronic Science and technology,special expert of the Provincial Science and Technology Bureau, Li Hui anddelegation visited Tongwei solar Chengdu, accompanied by Li Xuehua, Section chief of the high tech section of theDistrict Technology and New Economy Development Bureau.The middle and seniormanagement of Tongwei Solar Chengdu showed warm welcome.

 group photo

Mr. Li Hui and his entourages first came to thereception hall of Chengdu S2 cell production workshop to fully understand thereal-time operation of Tongwei Solar's “smart factory” and “unmannedworkshop”, and gave high credit to the high automationand rigorous on-site management of Tongwei solar’s cell production line. Thecompany's rapid development in recent years is also fully recognized and highlyappreciated.

at the symposium

At the symposium,Tongwei Solar’s middle management introduced the development history of TongweiGroup, as well as the operation and future development plan of Tongwei SolarHefei and Chengdu.,Mr.Li Hui gave a detailed explanation of the policies of "Made in China2025" and "Made in China 2025 Sichuan Action Project". He said, intelligenceand clean energy are the inevitable trend of future energy development. TongweiSolar is in line with the State's key support direction no matter fromproduction line process or product technology. It is hoped that Tongwei Solarwill firmly grasp the national policy orientation, make persistent efforts,continuously reform and innovate, and lead the development of the industry.

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