CDMCEI officials visited TWS

2018-08-22 source:Tongwei   author:Wang Yajun

March 30, ZhangLujin, deputy director of Chengdu Municipal Commission of Economy andInformation, and deputy director of Technology and New Economy DevelopmentCommission of Shuangliu District, Xiao Lijie, visited Tongwei solar Chengdu,and received warm welcome from deputy director of investment developmentdepartment, Wang Tangmin. The two sides held a talk afterwards.


As the leaderof Chengdu Economy and Information Commission in charge of new energy, energyconservation and environmental protection, Mr. Zhang showed great interest inthe vigorous development of Tongwei solar. Mr. Wang first introduced thedevelopment process of Tongwei solar to Director Zhang, and explained from theperspective of industrial chain to the visiting leaders the leading position ofTongwei solar energy in the cell industry and the synergy effect of Tongweigroup on new energy business.

during the talk

During the talk,Mr. Zhang, got a more detailed understanding of the company's currentmanagement and future investment planning. He gave high credit to Tongwei group’sdevelopment in the solar energy industry.


The deputydirector learned that although located in the southwest area, which is far fromthe downstream customer's manufacturing end, Tongwei solar can still make greatprofits.He showed great appreciation for

the highefficiency operation and management of the company. At the same time, he alsosaid that the government could do a better job in serving enterprises. Thegovernment would face difficulties with enterprises together, and make joint contributionsto the development of Chengdu region and the development of new energy industry.It is hoped that TWS could promote the joint development of the wholephotovoltaic industrial park.

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