TWS holds 2018 Q1 security committee meeting

2018-08-22 source:tongwei   author:Zhu Wenjing

March 27, Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu organizedand held 2018 Q1 Security Committee meeting. Tongwei Solar President Xie Yiattended the meeting and gave important instructions. Senior executives ofTongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu attended the meeting.

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The purpose of this meeting is to further promoteefficient development of the company's safe production, to ensure that safetyand production of the company continues to develop steadily, and to prevent theoccurrence of safety and environmental accidents.


At the meeting, the head of the Department of safetyenvironment of the company made a summary report on safety related work of thefirst quarter of 2018 in Hefei and Chengdu, and made an overall planninganalysis in the next quarter.The senior management discussed the treatment ofwaste water and waste gas in the company, and indicated that the productionworkshop and factory affairs should maintain timely and effective communication,especially in the discharge of high concentration waste water.Relevantdepartments should be contacted first time in order to prevent instability ofwaste water disposal caused by excessive fluctuation.


Finally, Mr. Xie gave affirmative acknowledgement torelated work of safety environment in the first quarter of 2018 in Hefei andChengdu,and made a summary comment. He said, safety is greater than everythingelse. At any time, employee safety should be put in the first place inproduction and management. As the supervision and management department of thecompany's security production, we must get to the front line, examine detailsand find out problems. At the same time, all departments should attach greatimportance to safety issue, enhance staff safety awareness, reduce accidentfrequency, and make every effort to ensure safe and stable operation of thecompany.


The meeting made clear responsibility goals of the safetyenvironment departments of Tongwei solar Hefei and Chengdu. The purpose is to ensurezero accident in safety and environmental protection, minimize the occurrenceof small safety accidents, and lay a good foundation for the creation of asafe, stable and harmonious factory area environment. As the advancedenvironmental protection unit of the high tech zone, Tongwei solar Hefei willcontinue to adhere to its corporate mission of "pursuing excellence andcontributing to society". While promoting the development of the Park'seconomy, the company will adhere to green environmental protection production.

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