PVS holds training on team building

2018-08-22 source:Tongwei   author:Zhai Meng

Recently, the Photovoltaic School of TongweiUniversity carried out a two-day  training of "lean working team building"project for the second stage in Hefei company. The project takes two main linesto give different types of trainings for middle level managers and first class teamleaders. The training ensures the overall change of ideological style,strengthens team culture building and enhances team cohesion.


duringthe training

The first day was action learning training. A total of20 trainees from relevant departments of the production system participated inthe training. The training was composed of three parts: reading achievementtest to Learn Management from Mao Zedong, reading exchange and employee morale analysisworkshop. Lean experts’training methods of group discussion, case analysis,brainstorming immersed the participants wholeheartedly in the training.The second day’s trainingwas role orientation themed team leader series. A total of 94 team leaders andreserve team leaders participated in the training. Students learned actively,made role orientation of team leader inwardly, and set up work objectives of “doingmenial tasks, educating talent, making achievements" .


Theteam building project started in mid March, with a project cycle of 2 months. Thelean experts will regularly come to Hefei company for related training projects.The purpose is to improve production lower management level, improve flexiblemanagement capability of managers, promote cohesiveness and morale of thestaff, so that employees can truly "work hard, work with wisdom and workwith the spirit of seizing every minute" for the further greaterdevelopment of the company.

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