TWS won the world's first certification for imbrication new standard


May 28, at Shanghai SNEC North Germany booth E1-550, the high-efficiency monocrystalline imbricated mmodule developed by Tongwei Solar won the world's first (No. 1) imbricated module new standard certification issued by T?V Nord Group.


TWS won the world's first certification for imbrication new standard 

Tongwei Solar uses monocrystalline cells and polycrystalline PERC cell to produce imbricated modules,which have passed the IEC new standard certification. The polycrystalline imbricated modules

has won the world's first new standard certification, showcasing the outstanding innovation and quantity productivity of Tongwei Solar.

The imbrication technology is a technique in which after slicing of the cell, it is bonded into a string by a special conductive adhesive material, and the module is prepared through a special circuit connection. The cell is connected front and rear by imbrication.The surface is not covered by a solder strip, and there is no gap between the cells, which enables it to make full use of the area available for the surface of the module. At the same time, this technology greatly reduces the resistance loss of the solder ribbon and greatly improves the conversion efficiency of the module.

T?V Nord  Group is one of the most influential testing and certification institutions in the field of photovoltaic third-party certification. It is the world's leading technology service provider for evaluating the safety, performance and quality of photovoltaic products. It not only provides for manufacturers, installers, service providers and investors comprehensive testing and certification services on the whole business chain from solar photovoltaic materials, modules, balancing components to photovoltaic power generation system , but also keeps extensive cooperations with power companies, insurance, banks, funds, investors, and EPC, etc..

At present, T?V Nord has achieved global market access through “one inspection and multiple certificates”, covering 23 countries in six continents: Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, North America and South America;In addition to the traditional polycrystalline modules, the PV module inspection and certification covers half-piece/imbrication modules, N-type/P-type double-sided modules, thin-film modules and concentrator modules, etc., involving MWT, PERC, HJT and cadmium telluride techniques.

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