TWS HR system awarded best HR team

2018-08-14   author:Jiang Ting

May, 29, the award ceremony of the “2018Greater China Human Resources Management Excellence Awards" selection was heldby the nation's leading human resources media HRoot in Beijing.Invited by organizers,TWS went through selections, and stood out from more than 120 well-knowncompanies in the final jury selection, and won the “2018 Greater China Best HumanResources Team” award. Xiao Xingwei, head of HumanResources Department of Tongwei Solar Hefei Base, attended the ceremony toaccept the award and had professional exchanges with HR peers.

XiaoXingwei at the ceremony

In an interview with HRoot, Tongwei SolarHuman Resources Director Yang Wendong said, a good HR team must understand the overallstrategic layout and be familiar with its own business. In addition, it needsto be humane. Achieving these three aspects can help us see opportunities and sorepoints in the future, and can also support business departments and createvalues.

TWS’ human resources system, combined withthe company's strategic layout, and business needs of various departments,constantly explores and makes breakthrough in talent selection, utilization,education and retention. The quantity and quality of internal supply of talentseffectively support the company's development and operation. Meanwhile,employees’ vocational development path and the supporting training system ofthe Photovoltaic Institute have already taken shape.

The “2018 Greater China Best Human Resources Team” award aims at commending H.R.teams that promote organizationaldevelopment and innovation, teams that build a great workplace, and teams with outstandingachievements and contributions to business development. For the young solar HRteam, this award is a small affirmation, but it is also a big spur. The solarHR team will maintain standards of excellence and make 1% progress every day.

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