TWS SHJ imbricated module set new world record 301


May 2018, Tongwei Solar cooperated with Shanghai Microsystems and Three Gorges Capital to develop the most efficient silicon-based heterojunction SHJ solar cells, which were applied to high-efficiency modules independently developed by Tongwei Solar. This is the first time in the industry to combine SHJ cell with the imbricated double-glazed module technique. With joint effort, the three-party R&D team has overcome a series of technical problems and finally successfully developed the first SHJ imbricated double-glazed module.

The power of the new SHJ cell imbricated module is certified by Chengdu national photovoltaic quality supervision and inspection center. The output power of the positive side of the module is up to 442W and the conversion efficiency is up to 21.7%. It breaks the world record of the 72 edition of the industry, and becomes the technical leader of of the country.

Due to the ultra-high double-sided rate of SHJ, the double-sided rate is greater than 90%. Under normal reflected light, the power of double-sided SHJ imbricated module is up to 500W, which is the highest single-piece module power ever.

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