TWS Hefei passed JA Solar 2018 Annual Audit 509

2018-08-14   author:Feng Jun, Shi Hengjuan

May 23 to 24, JA Solar’s Audit Team visited Tongwei Solar Hefei Company for a two-day annual audit and technical exchange. Tongwei Solar Hefei’s middle level cadres showed their warm welcome and accompanied them during the process.


group photo

The JA Audit Team first visited the company's corporate exhibition hall to learn more about Tongwei Group's global business distribution, development history, social responsibility and the development prospects of Tongwei Solar. During the audit, the audit team learned about Tongwei Solar’s Quality Management System, innovation improvement measures, and client feedback. After a two-day paper review and actual on-site audit, the audit team highly praised Tongwei Solar for its on-site management, quality control, and lean production.

At the same time, the technical staff of the two sides conducted in-depth communication and exchange on the problems and control in the production of dry black silicon and monocrystalline PERC, and shared experience in the areas of fragment rate control, color management and LID improvement. Both parties expressed the need to strengthen technical cooperation, and make strong collaboration with complementary advantages . At the last meeting of the audit, the audit team expressed gratitude to Tongwei Solar for its strong support during the audit, and said that Tongwei Solar, as one of the industry leaders, has many aspects that its peers can learn from.

In the end, Tongwei Solar Hefei Company successfully passed the annual audit of JA Solar. This audit represents a high recognition for Tongwei Solar's product quality and on-site management and control during production. At the later stage, both parties will further deepen cooperation, make common progress and development, and promote healthy development of the PV industry.

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