SLD disciplinary inspection team director visited TWS

2018-08-14   author:Wang Sha

In the morning of March 29, the disciplinaryinspection team director of Shuangliu Statistics Bureau Zeng Ying and directorof General Department of Shuangliu Statistics Bureau, Xiong Ying, paid a visitto TWS Chengdu, and received warm welcome from middle executives of TWS SolarChengdu.

Mr.  Zeng anddelegation were first informed about the company's operation and then asked aboutthe company's operation details. Zeng spoke highly of the company'sachievements, and praised Tongwei people for the excellent internal managementlevel and moderate investment attitude.

at the symposium

Mr. Zeng said, at present for short term interests European and Americancountries did not hesitate to carry out serious trade protectionist measures onChina's steel, aluminum and solar products to restrict the export of Chineseproducts to Europe and the United States.The trade protectionism of European andAmerican countries is not conducive to bilateral exchanges nor to the effectiveutilization of advantageous resources. It will be detrimental to thedevelopment of restricted industries. Director Wang of department of investmentand development explained that the main export areas of Tongwei solar energyare Asia,Africa,Latin America regions. The anti-subsidy duties and anti-dumpingduties of European and American countries have limited influence on our company.Mr. Wang gave a brief introduction of the future overseas market layout ofTongwei solar. After communication, Zeng had a deeper understanding of Tongweisolar. He said, Tongwei solar  is theleading enterprise in the photovoltaic industry of Sichuan Province. Heexpressed the willingness to deepen exchanges with excellent enterprises likeTWS.

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