TWS won awards of PV green intelligent manufacturing

2018-08-14   author:Wang Qiuxia

Recently,hosted by China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and China Photovoltaic Leader Innovation Forum, the Second China Photovoltaic Green Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held in Yancheng, Jiangsu. Nearly 300 experts from various fields of industry, academia and research attended the meeting.The organizing committee invited eleven senior experts from the field of intelligent manufacturing to form an evaluation panel. The middle and top management of Tongwei solar was invited to attend the conference.


the Second China Photovoltaic Green Intelligent Manufacturing Conference 

The event aims to speed up the pace of the building of photovoltaic green intelligent manufacturing system, and promote transformation and upgrading of the photovoltaic industry. It also aims to give full play to the demonstration role of “Let one unit guide a whole area”by the leading photovoltaic green intelligent manufacturing enterprises. The forum encourages and commends enterprises and individuals that make outstanding contributions to the photovoltaic green intelligent manufacturing.

Tongwei solar makes in-depth study on green intelligent manufacturing requirements from " Made in China 2025". The company carries out green intelligent manufacturing attempts from the angles of energy saving, green clean energy utilization, good rate improvement,and intelligent manufacturing. 

Through committee selection,internet voting, and expert evaluation, Tongwei solar Hefei and Tongwei solar Chengdu won the awards of "China innovation contribution award for integration of photovoltaic industry and intelligent manufacturing " and "China innovation promotion award for photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing demonstration application ".


the award ceremony

The award is not only a full affirmation of Tongwei solar management system, but also a full recognition for the outstanding contributions made by the company in photovoltaic green intelligent manufacturing.It further enhances the brand influence and reputation of Tongwei solar. In the future, Tongwei solar  will further improve its integrated operation and management, improve its comprehensive competitiveness, improve quality and efficiency of industrial development, and continue to move forward towards the goal of "building a world-class solar photovoltaic enterprise and a world-class clean energy company".

The other award recipients are excellent enterprises such as Trina Solar,GCL, Jinko Solar, CHNT and Ventec.

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