TWG HR makes TWS work arrangement and industry visits

2018-08-14   author:Jiang Ting

?Recently, Yi Jicheng, director of Tongwei Group humanresources,led a team to Tongwei Solar Hefei for annual talent echelon building,and was invited to visit well-known enterprises in photovoltaic industry suchas the industry tycoons Jinko solar and Aiko solar. Yang Wendong, director ofTongwei solar human resources, accompanied Yi for the visit.

at the meeting

TWGroup HR team first conducted a survey and interview in the factory area andworkshops of Hefei company,and made in-depth communications with the front-linestaff on TWG’s highly concerned issues of shift optimization and careerdevelopment. They listened to the staff's voices and understood their demands.At the subsequent meeting of manpower system, Mr.Yi deployed important tasks inthe annual talent echelon building, and made instructions on strictrecruitment, scientific training, effective incentives and clear promotionchannels. He elaborated work principles and methods in detail with the exampleof skill identification project.Yi stressed that in 2018 solar energy companiesentered the new development era of rapid capacity expansion and intensifiedmarket competition. Facing unprecedented challenges, TWG human resources willalways attach great importance to TWS and support its development.TheH.R.Department will prepare and transfer professional managers to TWS to fully supportits work.

The manpower system of Tongwei solar under the premiseof maintaining its traditional advantages, will focus on supporting talent managementin the new development period, make provision for talent successor culturing

and reserve talent for new capacity.

It is understood that since December 2017, under theguidance of TW Group human resources department, Tongwei solar has carried outskill grade appraisal, post promotion evaluation,and team culture building. Thecompany’s continuous, healthy and stable development has been effectivelypromoted. Particularly,the turnover rate of personnel dropped by more than 50%over the same period last year.

In order to further consolidate team building, retaincore talent, and effectively lead the industry to achieve a reasonable share oftalent resources, TW Group human resources and TWS went to Haining, Zhejiang,and made in depth exchanges with HR directors from well-known enterprises suchas the industry giant Jinko Solar and promising young company AKcome.Theparties reached an initial consensus on talent retention through analysis ofthe current talent flow and supply in the industry.


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