Hefei vice mayor inspects TWS Anhui project

2018-08-14   author:Yong Zonghong

March 26, deputy mayor of Hefei Wang Wensong went toTongwei Solar (Anhui) Co., Ltd. first phase project construction site for  research and survey. Liu Yonglong, DeputySecretary General of Hefei municipal government, Diao Junzhou, chief engineerof Municipal Commission of Economy and Information, Huang Xueqing, director of technicalreform department of Hefei Municipal Commission of Economy and Information,PengTao, deputy director of the economic operation department of Hefei MunicipalCommission of Economy and Information, Lu Ping,deputy secretary of the High-techZone Work Committee, Wang Huajun, Director of the High-tech Zone Economy andTrade Bureau, and Wu Hao, director of the major project department of the High-techZone Administrative Committee accompanied Vice Mayor Wang for the survey.Meanwhile, Xie Yi, President of Tongwei solar and the senior executives of thecompany showed warm welcome.

Vicemayor Wang Wensong and his personages learned the construction planning andprogress in detail

During the survey, Mr. Xie made a detailedintroduction to Deputy Mayor Wang Wensong about the construction plan andprogress of the first phase project of Tongwei solar (Anhui) Co., Ltd., andgave Mayor Wang a comprehensive explanation on the technical problems encounteredin the project. Mr. Xie further introduced TWS development plan in"intelligent manufacturing".

Vice mayor Wang Wensong praised TWS for its rapiddevelopment in recent years. He said, all regions have entered the acceleratingperiod of energy transformation in succession. "Green, low carbon"will lead a new energy revolution. It is hoped TWS would enhance its competitivenessand continuously promote the development of low carbon economy.

Up to now, the first phase  project of Tongwei solar (Anhui) Co., Ltd. hasbeen constructed orderly, with a 20% progress in civil engineering. It isexpected that the main body of the plant will seal roof in late June this year.Equipment will enter the plant in early October.

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