TWS "project management" MBA seminar successfully completed

2018-08-14   author:Jiang Ting

March25,sponsored by Tongwei University, the third session of "projectmanagement" MBA seminar for the middle and top executives, wassuccessfully completed at Tongwei solar Chengdu.

Professor ZengYucheng, director of management and research center of Sichuan University, wasthe keynote speaker.More than 50 students from the middle management, backbonestaff representatives of Tongwei solar Chengdu, as well as from various systemsand sub-companies of Tongwei Group attended the seminar at the Chengdu base.More than 30 students from the middle management, backbone staff representativesof Tongwei solar Hefei attended the seminar by live video learning.

the third session of MBAseminar for the middle and top executives,

During thetwo-day courses, Professor Zeng Yucheng carried out a detailed explanationabout project management introduction, enterprise project organization design,enterprise project creativity and planning,and project management processdesign.In view of the frequently asked questions about project organization, designand implementation process control, Prof. Zeng particularly guided the students’thinking and discussions with famous project management cases of ancient andmodern times at home and abroad, which was helpful,according to the students,to broaden their mind and make innovations in project management methods.

In order to letthe staff at all levels grow together with the company and provide continuoustalent support for building the world-class clean energy company, thephotovoltaic school on the basis of skill promotion, has also started associatedegree training classes of Chengdu Engineering Institute,Bachelor’s Degreetraining classes of Southwest Petroleum University, and MBA Classes of SichuanUniversity.

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